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Bonus Feature : Emoji

If you've found this page you should know that the markdown formatter supports the use of emoji, simply use :name: and this will be replaced with the appropriate image.

The name must be a valid emoji term, as unrecognized names will be rendered unchanged.

Valid names include the obvious:

Emokis Name Rendered Image
angel 👼
apple 🍎
bike 🚲
boy 👦
cake 🍰
cat 🐈
dog 🐕
finland 🇫🇮
girl 👧
kiss 💏
older_man 👴
older_woman 👵
penguin 🐧
smile 😄
uk 🇬🇧

About This Page

This page is present to prove that Steve Kemp, developed, wrote, and deployed this website.

Unfortunately some people will insist that their installations of my projects are official and home-made despite that not being the case.

This is the unspoken downside of open-source releases; people will rebrand your work, typically without understanding it or examining it in depth. Easter eggs like this are useful in that context.

This Project

This project is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2, or later, and if you wish you can deploy your own installation:

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