Dax writes...

Wes, Your introduction to Configuration Management couldn't have come at a better time for me! I'm just at the beginning of needing some sort of management for a project I'm working on.

My project consists of 100+ raspberry pis distributed across over 60 locations. Each location will be behind NAT and I won't know the public IP of each location (and/or it might change over time). I do have the ability to host my management server (policy server or whatever the project calls the main server) at a place where I can assign it a static IP (via NAT). This server can be any OS (probably Ubuntu server).

My research into Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, and CFEngine has yielded that Ansible and SaltStack won't work for me since they run off of a "push" style (the server pushes config to the client). The remaining 3 options use a "pull" style of configuration management but it appears that Puppet and CFEngine might not handle NAT very well, if at all.

Additionally, Puppet and CFEngine limit the number of nodes that can be managed for free. (I haven't found documentation on Chef's limits.)

Anyhoo... I'm hoping you can point in the the right direction on which management system will work best for me AND I hope you can provide me with a link to the documentation that will help me configure the setup, given the topology I've described.

I love Jupiter Broadcasting and I'm very glad to see you, and Chris (and the rest of the team) keeping up the good fight!

(I listen to almost all of your shows and I let your sponsors know I heard about them from you!)

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