Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site for?

This site is solely designed to allow you to easily share markdown text.

Paste in your markdown, then share the resulting link with your friends, colleagues, or other people.

How secret is my uploaded text?

Although the URLs which are generated are "random" that is the only security present. If a remote user finds a link to your text they can view it, or download it.

NOTE: There is no intention of ever password-protecting the uploaded contents.

How is this site built?

The site is written via the Perl CGI::Application framework, along with a small number of Perl libraries.

The content that users submit is stored in a small Redis "database", and re-rendered on the fly when it is requested. (We only store the markdown text which users submit, allowing any improvements to the renderer to be applied to all prior submissions.)

If you wish you can download or study the source code behind this site.

Can I run my own install?

Yes you can, the previous question contained a link to the source code which powers this site, and you may also download a docker container containing a running copy of the code.

The docker container can be found here in the docker index.