NOTE This site will be going 100% read-only on 1st April 2020. See FAQ for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site for?

This site was designed to allow easily sharing of markdown text.

How secret is my uploaded text?

Although the URLs which are generated are "random" that is the only security present. If a remote user finds a link to your text they can view it, or download it.

NOTE: There is no intention of ever password-protecting the uploaded contents.

What software powers this service?

This site runs a simple golang-based application, which you can find hosted upon github

This site is going read-only?

Sadly yes. The site will go 100% read-only on 1st April 2020. When the site is read-only:

  • Creating new entries will fail.
  • Editing exiting entries will no longer be possible.
  • Deleting documents which have previously been uploaded will be impossible.

The reason for this is that the site is suffering from non-stop spam submissions, and dealing with that requires more overhead than I can handle.

Free services are always a balance between the desire to provide something fun, useful, or interesting and dealing with the support-burden. In this case after six years I've reached my limit.

What happens after going read-only?

The site contents will remain online until the end of 2020, then I'll securely erase all previously uploaded content.

At that point everything will be gone.