Markdown Sharing

This site allows you to easily share Markdown-formatted text, allowing others to view the nicely rendered result - In short this is a "markdown-using pastebin" site.

  • There is no charge to use the site.
  • You don't need to create an account.
    • If you make a mistake and upload content you didn't mean to you can delete it.
    • Once you've uploaded your markdown you can return in the future and edit it.
    • Uploaded text automatically has an obfusticated URL to avoid spidering attempts.
  • There are no unreasonable restrictions on uploaded content.
    • Although people who merely upload SPAM will find their access is removed.

Get started sharing your markdown is very easy, just visit the create link and away you go.

If you prefer to submit without using a browser that is possible, via our simple submission API which supports the use of HTTP-POSTS, or command-line clients such as pastebinit.