NOTE This site will be going 100% read-only on 1st April 2020. See FAQ for more details.

Markdown Sharing

This site previously allowed you to easily share Markdown-formatted text, allowing others to view the nicely rendered result. It was basically a pastebin-like site with Markdown support.

As of April 2020 the site has entered read-only mode, as a result of endless abuse.

With no charge to use the site, and significant administrative overhead keeping the site up and running for all is too much of a burden.

The site will remain online until 1st January 2021 then all previous data will be removed.

Your Own Instance

If you've come to rely upon this site you can run your own easily, via the code available here on github, you only need a domain-name, and small virtual server.

I would be willing to setup a private instance, and maintain it for you, for a price of €500/year, payable in advance. Drop me a mail if that is something you'd consider.